Parking prices at all partner locations are based exclusively on the length of stay, which is usually calculated on a daily basis. However, for short term parking (defined as less than four hours), hourly rates are used; the industry typically charge a full day’s rate for occupancies exceeding four hours.

As a general rule, rates are always significantly lower with advanced booking as parking operators are able to plan their manpower (attendants, security, valets, etc.) and resource requirements in advance. It always pays to plan ahead. In fact, the earlier you book, the higher will your savings be. Besides, why wait until the last minute to finalise your travel arrangement?

Walk-in or drive-in rates are available, but customers will be charged at a premium rate as operators will have to allocate additional and ad-hoc manpower to organise and secure parking arrangements. In addition, the best parking bay locations, i.e., those located near the entrances, staircases or lifts are only available using advanced booking.

If you would like to find out how much parking will cost you at our facilities, please enter your arrival and departure details in the web calculator below and a price estimate will be displayed instantly.

Please note that additional rates may apply for valet parking, heavy luggage and shuttle bus connection.

If you have any questions concerning our parking rates and amenities, please get in touch with us using the contact page.